Ph.D. Chemical Engineering,

Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai, India

Post-doc, Chemical Engineering,

University of Missouri-Columbia, USA


Email:; Phone: (605) 394-1231





Rajesh V. Shende


Associate Professor

Research: Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Alternative Fuels, Nanostructured Materials, Thin-Films and MEMS, Sensors and Therapeutics.

1. Renewable and Sustainable Energy- Solar to electrical energy conversion, dye-sensitized solar cells, solar catalysis for water-splitting and biomass reforming

2. Alternative Fuels– Catalytic water-splitting for H2 generation, solar H2, fuel cell, subcritical and supercritical treatment followed by enzymatic processes for biofuels, optimization of biocrude, bio-oil upgradation, biodiesel

3. Nanostructured Materials– Self-assembly of nanoparticles, synthesis of pyrophoric and energetic materials.

4. Thin-Films and MEMS– Ordered mesoporous metal oxides, microthruster, and MEMS devices for biological applications.

5. Sensors and Therapeutics– Biosensors (bacteria, environmental pollutants, disease markers) and control drug delivery systems.

Teaching: Transport Phenomena: Momentum, Mass and Heat;  Multiphase Reactions and Reactors, Fluid Mechanics, Reactor Design, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, and Nanomaterials











Sustainable Energy

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