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InGaAs quantum dots induced by a single, direct laser irradiation


Reference: Guided assembly of quantum dots through selective laser heating, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 108 (2013) Pages 252-255 by C. M. Clegg and H. Yang


InGaAs dot-chains grown on GaAs(001), 500nm x 500 nm


Reference: Annealing induced transition of flat strained InGaAs epilayers into three-dimensional islands, Dong Jun Kim, D. Addison Everett, and Haeyeon Yang, Journal of Applied Physics 101, 106106 (2007)



Indium rich InAs epilayers grown on GaAs(001)




InGaAs Quantum dashes on GaAs(001) induced by annealing strain-flat epilayers of ~6.6ML InGaAs, 500nm x 500nm


Reference: Shape control of InGaAs nanostructures on nominal GaAs(001): dashes and dots, Nanotechnology, 19, 475601(2008) by D. J. Kim, and H. Yang





InGaAs quantum dots on a GaAs(001) buffer, 350nm x 350nm.

m65_Image 2c






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