Geology and Geological Engineering

Dr. Foster Sawyer
Ground Water, Stratigraphy, Petroleum
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Dr. Foster Sawyer

Ph.D. (2006), South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Associate Professor
Geology and Geological Engineering
South Dakota School of Mines
Rapid City, SD 57701
phone 605-394-2462

Research synopsis

Natural resources such as clean water, hydrocarbons, and essential minerals sustain our society and fuel modern civilization. As geoscientists we strive to understand the evolution, occurrence, and characteristics of these resources and the geologic frameworks in which they occur. Methods of investigation range from state-of-the-art field equipment and software such as Petrel, MODFLOW, and ArcGIS to fundamental techniques such as drilling, coring, and geologic mapping. SDSM&T is strategically situated near classic areas for the study of karst hydrology, hydrologic systems in badlands topography, world renowned paleontological locales, and energy rich regions such as the Powder River and Williston basins. These settings provide natural laboratories for research and teaching, while at the same time allowing positive contributions to society through better understanding of vital natural resources. SDSM&T also is fortunate to collaborate on an NSF sponsored effort to increase diversity in engineering fields through an educational partnership with Oglala Lakota College and South Dakota State University. The Pre-Engineering Educational Collaborative (PEEC) program employs project-based service learning and undergraduate research to stimulate engineering education and research for Native American students on the Pine Ridge Reservation. PEEC undergraduate research projects are designed to address environmental and societal issues on the reservation and to provide mentorship, encouragement, and opportunities for Native American students to embark on careers in STEM fields.

contact: Dept. of Geology and Geological Engineering, 501 E. Saint Joseph St., SDSMT, Rapid City, SD 57701
phone: (605)394-2462 / fax: (605)394-6703 / email: