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Dr. Larry Stetler
Geological Engineering: Surface Processes, River Mechanics,
Geotechnical Engineering, Sedimentation
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Conferences and Lectures 2015:

  • South Dakota DENR Ground Water Quality Conference, Pierre, SD.  March 11, 2015.  Stetler, Larry D., William M. Roggenthen, Jay R. Nopola, and Lance A. Roberts.  Sedimentological, geomechanicl, and geophysical characterization of the Cretaceous Pierre Shale from continuous core.
  • South Dakota Academy of Science, Cedar Shores Resort, South Dakota.  April 10 2015.  Stetler, Larry D.  Hydrology and pressure buildup in core holes on the 4850-ft level at SURF.  Proceedings Paper
  • Western South Dakota Hydrology Conference, Rapid City, SD.  April 15, 2015.  Stetler, Larry D.  Effects of bedrock properties, erosion rates, and slope processes on landform evolution at Badlands National Park.
  • Joint Assembly-AGU, Monteal, Canada.  May 3-7 2015.  Roggenthen, W.M., J.R. Nopola, L.D. Stetler, and L.A. Roberts.  Intergrated geomechanical, geological, and geophysical investigations of the Cretaceous Pierre Shale.
  • Conference on Underground Science at the Sanford Laboratory, Rapid City, South Dakota.  May 18-20 2015.  Stetler, Larry D.  Hydrology, slow ground motion, and pressure buildup testing at SURF.
  • International Tunneling Association World Tunnel Congress (ITA WTC), Dubrovnik, Croatia.  May 22-23 2015.  Popielak, Roman, Walter Weinig, and Larry Stetler Hydrostatic pressure control at Sanford Underground Research Facility.   Proceedings Paper

Field Courses:

  • Engineering Geology Field Camp, May 18 - June 19, 2015.  Stratigraphy, geologic mapping, engineering geology, engineering hydrology, and geomechanics.  Empahsis on field techniques to collect geologic and engineering data for analysis.   Course details.
  • Petroleum Field Camp, July 23 - 28, 2015.  Stratigraphy, reservoir rocks and well logs, seismic interpretation, basin analysis, fractures, reservoir analysis.  Course details.



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