Geology and Geological Engineering

Dr. Larry Stetler
Geological Engineering: Surface Processes, River Mechanics,
Geotechnical Engineering, Sedimentation
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Graduate Student Research

Currently, I am major professor for 2 PhD students, 1 MS student.

Current Students:

  • Kyle Hazelwood, Geol PhD student:  Landscape evolution and associated White River deposits of the Black Hills, South Dakota.

  • Greg Kipp, GeoE PhD student: Ni contamination from Pb mining
  • Caleb Ubl, MS GeoE student: Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction within the Niobrara National Scenic River Reach, NE

Former Students (Graduated 2012-Present):

  • James Sanovia (MS, GeoE 2019)  Instructor, Ogalala Lakota College, Rapid City, SD
  • Dr. Scyller J. Borglum (PhD GeoE, 2018)
  • Dr. Michelle Ozarowski (PhD, GeoE 2014)  Geology & Geological Engineering Consultant.
  • Dr. Yodit Asmare (PhD, GeoE 2014)  RESPEC, INC, Rapid City, SD.  Geotechnical Engineer
  • Dr. Henok Tiruneh (PhD, GeoE 2014)  Freeport MacMoran Copper and Gold, Morenci, AZ.  Geotechnical Engineer
  • Mingwei Zhang (MS, GeoE 2013)  Geotechnical Engineer, returned to China in 2013
  • Meeraph Amare (MS, GeoE 2013)  Geotechnical Engineer, returned to Ethiopia in 2013
  • Karl Koth (MS, GeoE 2012)  U.S. Geological Survey, South Dakota Water Resources Center, Rapid City, SD.  Geophysics

Prospective Students

Students interested in MS or PhD-level research in various geological engineering or geology fields are encouraged to contact me with information of your interests.  Admissions criteria are located on the SDSMT and the Department webpages.  Currently, I am working in the following areas:
  • Erosion Proceeses
  • Eolian Processes
  • Soil Genesis
  • Landform Evolution
  • Periglacial Processes
  • LiDAR and Photogrammetry

       Structural Data from Surf                         Erosion at Badlands Nat Park

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