Geology and Geological Engineering

Dr. Larry Stetler
Geological Engineering: Surface Processes, River Mechanics,
Geotechnical Engineering, Sedimentation
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Teaching Synopsis

Teaching is the main body of work that I do on a yearly basis and in many ways, it is the most important.  Having the ability to participate in the learning process for so many students is extremely gratifying and rewarding./p>

Undergraduate Level:

GeoE 410         Engineering Geology Field Camp

GeoE 461         Drilling and Production Engineering

GeoE 464         Geological Engineering Design I

GeoE 464         Geological Engineering Design II

GeoE 482         Applied Geomorphology

Geol 462          Well Log Analysis (beginning Fall 2020)

 Graduate Level:

GeoE 782         Fluvial Processes

GeoE 768         Engineering Geology of Surficial Deposits

Other Courses:

 I regularly participate in the Geology program senior research courses and assist a student throughout the academic year to conduct a literature search, define a problem, and conduct some experiemntal or analyical work that culminates in a comprehensive report.

Geol 464 & 465          Senior Research I and II

Field Work

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