Geology and Geological Engineering

Dr. Larry Stetler
Geological Engineering: Surface and Ground Water, Fluvial Mechanics,
Geotechnical Engineering, Sedimentation, Petroleum
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Dr. Larry D Stetler

Ph.D. (1993), Washington State UniversityLD Stetler
Professor Geological Engineering
Department of Geology and
Geological Engineering
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Rapid City, SD 57701

Research Synopsis

My research interests are highly varied and I have had opportunity over the past decades to perform work in many areas of geological engineering and geology.  These topics were conducted alone, with other faculty and professional individuals, and graduate students.  These have included:

1 Eolian dynamics and wind erosion
2 Sediment deposition and transport in streams
3 Channel morphological development in South Dakota
4 Erosion processes in Badlands National Park
5 Geological and environemntal assessment of abandoned uranium mines in western South Dakota and associated potential human health risks and groundwater contamination
6 Assessimg mercury levels in South Dakota lakes
7 Several research topics in the Sanford Underground Research Facility
8 Petroleum assessments of the Three Forks Formation in the Williston Basin of South Dakota
9 Geomechanical studies from underground and surface mines (fracture persistance and roughness)
10 Sedimentological and geomechanical properties of the Pierre Shale in western South Dakota, shocked minerals

My current research involves the following projects:

1 Eolian dynamics and wind erosion in NW South Dakota
2 Erosion processes in Badlands National Park
3 Soil and bedrock geochemistry to define pedogenetic processes in the Black Hills
4 Periglacial blockfields in the Black Hills

All of these research interests are intimately wrapped around the desire to assist and train students for careers in science and engineering.  In all activities, the students are involved in planning, research, analysis, and writing and presentation. 

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