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Laboratory of Engineered Multifunctional Materials and Alloys

LEMMA focuses on the microstructural processing and structure-property materials characterization.

Materials Processing

Working with national agencies in fundamental and applied research.

High temperature annealing.

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Microstructural Characterization

Tungsten dendrites in NiCoMnIn polycrystals.

Melt-Spun Ribbons

Improving magnetocaloric ribbons via grain growth.

Microscopic Observation

Scanning electron microscopy reveals martensites.

Polishing and Grinding

Martensite twins in NiMnIn shape memory alloys.

Diffraction Patterns

B2/L21 crystal lattice patterns

Studying the effect of long-range order in Ni-based SMAs


The Laboratory of Engineered Multifunctional Materials and Alloys (LEMMA’s) mission is to gain a fundamental understanding of the structure-property relations in active materials and engineered solids. We strive to play a leading role in technology advancement through applying the fundamentals of materials science and engineering.

LEMMA’s three main focus groups include:

1. Materials Characterization
2. Materials Processing and Manufacturing
3. Design of Multifunctional Material Systems

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