Ph.D. Chemical Engineering,

Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India

Post-doc, Chemical Engineering,

University of Missouri-Columbia, USA


Email:; Phone: (605) 394-1231





Associate Professor

Research: Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Alternative Fuels, Nanostructured Materials, Thin-Films and MEMS, Sensors and Therapeutics.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Energy generation and storage, solar catalysis for hydrogen and biomass reforming, solar/fuel cells

Alternative Fuels Thermochemical H2 generation from water-splitting, solar fuels, biofuels, hydrothermal liquefaction, oil upgradation, ASPEN modeling, TEA and LCA

Nanostructured Materials Self-assembly of nanoparticles, synthesis of pyrophoric and energetic materials, core-shell nanoparticles, coupled heterojunction nanocomposites,

Thin-Films and MEMS Ordered mesoporous metal oxides, microthruster, and MEMS devices for energetic and biological applications.

Sensors and Therapeutics Energetics, chemical sensors, biosensors (bacteria, environmental pollutants, disease markers) and control drug delivery systems.

Teaching: Transport Phenomena: Momentum, Transport Phenomena: Mass and Transport Phenomena: Heat; Multiphase Reactions and Reactors; Fluid Mechanics, Reactor Design, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, and Immuno-Engineering, Nanomaterials, Fluids Lab, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Lab











#2207, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering,

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology,

501 East St Joseph Street, Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 394-1231 (O), Fax: (605) 394 1232

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Rajesh Shende