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Dr. Timothy Masterlark
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Dr. Timothy Masterlark

PhD University of Wisconsin (2000)

Summary stats:
h-index: 24
citations: 1600+
ResearchGate Score: 31

Research synopsis

Fluid-solid coupling drives the dynamic systems of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Magma-filled dikes propagate within active volcanoes. Megathrust earthquakes shift the seafloor and excite tsunami waves in the overlying ocean. These earthquakes also transfer stress to the surrounding region. Diffusive flow of pore fluids in the crust and viscous flow of the mantle relax these stresses, producing delayed aftershocks. We may extend these principles to energy production and geothermal systems. Hydrofracking propagates fluid-filled fractures that unlock hydrocarbons or supercritical steam. The waste fluids are disposed of via deep injection, from which stress and fluid pressure perturbations trigger seismicity.

My research team pioneers methods to embed Abaqus-based Finite Element Models in nonlinear inverse analyses of geophysical information to quantify Earth's internal structures, materials, and deformation sources. Example targets span the globe (Aleutians, Cascadia, Ecuador, Chile, China, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, USA).


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Latest update: August 2019
FEMs of mega-earthquakes: Viscoelastic relaxation translates to postseismic deformation and stress.

FEM of Tungurahua Volcano: This model simulates deformation caused by a pressurized dike embedded in the complex domain of an active volcano.

Hydrofracking simulations: Abaqus XFEM simulates the propagation of a fluid-filled fracture in a 2D domain.
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