Geology and Geological Engineering

Dr. Zeynep Oner BARAN
Tectonics: Understanding the past and future of the Earth
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Teaching synopsis

It usually doesn't mean that someone who is an expert on his or her area will be the best teacher on the Earth. Since teaching is an art, sometimes a challenge, and always a miracle that touches individuals future! Therefore, I do my best while teaching to create more curiosity and willingness for learning on a student's side. This is what I do and what happens to me (thanks to my students!) during my classes. Thanks to all my students for making my teaching experience always so much enjoyable! Specific courses I teach at SDSM&T include:
  • GEOL 692/ Tectonics and Basin Evolution (Graduate), 3 cr. Includes current topics, advanced topics and special topics. A graduate-level course devoted to a particular issue in a specified field. In this graduate-level seminar course, we will mainly focus on different types of sedimentary basins and their evolution in various tectonic settings. Every week, some scientific reading material will be provided with a questionnaire and we will have interdisciplinary discussions regarding the week?s subject. Reading assignments and scientific discussions will help us to keep up with advances in sedimentary basin analysis, while learning about fundamentals of basin evolution.

  • GEOL 621/621L / Advanced Structural Geology (Graduate), 3 cr. Examination of selected geologic terrains such as fold-thrust belts, Laramide foreland uplifts and basins, wrench and rift systems, etc., concentration on geometric styles, sequential and mechanical development and regional models. Includes selected readings and laboratory examinations of maps regarding the various types of terrains. Prerequisites: GEOE 322/322L or permission of instructor. Corequisites: GEOL-621L.

  • GEOL 604/ Advanced Field Geology (Graduate), 3 cr. Field techniques and related laboratory methods of investigation in moderately complicated geologic environments. Includes data collection, presentation, and interpretation. Laboratory work involving aerial photographs, drilling projects, and miscellaneous work may be introduced during inclement weather in December. Prerequisites: GEOL 410

  • GEOL 422/422L/522/522L / Tectonics and Sedimentary Basin Analysis(Undergraduate-Graduate), 3 cr. Investigation of different types of sedimentary basins within their tectonic settings. Basin analysis studies involve multidisciplinary research using techniques and fundamentals of sedimentology, structural geology, petrography and petrology, and geomorphology. This course provides perspective on the main tectonic factors controlling overall basin evolution. The content and in-class discussions help students learn applications of basin analysis in industry and academic research. Graduate students are responsible for additional assignments held to a higher standard. Pre-requisites: GEOL 322 and GEOL 331, or permission from the instructor

  • GEOL 322/322L / Structural Geology (Undergraduate), 3 cr. A study of the character and genesis of large-scale and small-scale deformation structures and their patterns in the earth?s crust. Laboratory work includes various trigonometric, geometric, and stereographic methods applicable to structural analysis and presents open-ended problems in geologic, structure contour, and isopach map interpretation. Prerequisites: GEOL 331/331L and GEOL 341/341L;or GEOL 314/314L; Corequisites: GEOE 322L

  • GEOL 410 / Field Geology (Undergraduate), 3 cr. This five-week course focuses on the instruction and practice in the use of surveying instruments and aerial photographs for the purpose of completing small and intermediate-scale geologic maps, structure sections, and structure contour maps of Precambrian matasediments, Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks, and Tertiary intrusions within designated areas of the Black Hills region. A written geologic report will accompany the maps and sections conducted for five weeks during the summer in the northern Black Hills. Field equipment will be furnished by the department. Arrangements for transportation, room and board are made through the Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station. Prerequisites: Completion of junior year studies.

  • GEOL 464/465 Senior Research I/II (Undergraduate), 1/3 cr. A study of scientific research methodology with emphasis on identifying research problems and formulating a methodology to address a specific research question. Students will identify a topic of study chosen with the advice and approval of an instructor, and develop a proposal for their senior research project. Prerequisites: GEOL 464

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