Geology and Geological Engineering

Dr. Liangping Li
Subsurface Flow and Transport Modeling Laboratory
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Teaching synopsis

Specific courses include:
  • GEOE 475/457L Groundwater, 3 cr. (Undergraduate/Graduate)

    This course will introduce geohydrologic principles, applications, and design considerations concerning groundwater occurrence, flow, and quality; Groundwater and surface-water relations; theory of aquifer tests; flow nets; head distribution by graphical, analytical, and digital models; groundwater contamination. Laboratories include water budgets, chemistry of groundwater, design of exploration programs and aquifer tests, computer solutions, and field trips to areas of geo-hydrologic interest. A design project is required. Syllabus

  • GEOE 764/764L Advanced Groundwater, 3 cr. (Graduate)

    Basic hydrologic principles with emphasis on hydrologic and geologic interrelationships. Design problems of location, development, and conservation of ground water. Use of quantitative techniques for aquifer evaluation. Studies of ground-water contamination. Laboratories, field trips, and problem assignments require use of analytical methods.

  • GEOE 766/766L Applied Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling, 3 cr. (Graduate)

    Practical application of digital models as tools in the study of groundwater flow systems. Methods of simulating aquifer system and solute transport will be used. Specific emphasis will be placed on the development, application, and limitations of finite-difference and finite-element computer models.

  • GEOE 456/556L Statistical Methods in Geology and Geological Engineering, 3 cr. (Undergraduate/Graduate)

    Application of basic probability theory to geology and geological engineering; probability distributions; cluster analysis; machine learning and principal component analysis; spatial correlations and geostatistics with emphasis on applications in geology and geological engineering. The use of spreadsheets, geostatistical software, and Python will be included.

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